RackAID Website Review & Ratings + rackAID Coupons
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RackAID Website Review & Ratings + rackAID Coupons

rackAID: Products & Services

rackAID helps small businesses by managing their servers. They have been handling their client’s server monitoring, updates, backup and security so that they can focus on other parts of their business. rackAID's IT management services allow its clients to grow their businesses, streamline processes and optimize productivity. Specializing in Linux-powered systems, rackAID maintains near-perfect customer satisfaction levels. The company takes complex IT services and delivers them in easy to use monthly support subscriptions. Companies like SoftLayer, PhoenixNAP, and others refer their clients to rackAID when they cannot meet their server support needs.A complete list of their service and information can be found in their official website.

rackAID: Company Background

rackAIDwas established in2006. rackAID’s founder Jeff Huckaby, who now serves as CEO, restructured the company with one goal in mind: Simplify IT services. With offices in Jacksonville, FL and data center operations in New York, Dallas, Washington DC and Seattle, rackAID leverages enterprise level technologies on behalf of our clients.

rackAID: Customer Feedback & Reviews

rackAID makes Linux server management support, backup and security easy for the small business owner, web developers, bloggers, forums, web design companies, and many other online businesses.They are one of the best in this service. User reviews from the official website describe it to be top notch and that it was the best among all other companies. Allan, Owner of  Bikeman (Online Store)  and a proud customer of rackAID said“With rackAID, we don’t worry about servers, networks or hackers. We just focus on growing our online business. We are bike mechanics not server technicians, and we would like to keep it that way.”

“Very quick response times and turnaround, as well as the expertise of these technicians makes them my first choice when it comes to troubleshooting my server problems. I recommed their services to all of my colleagues” said by John Bennet in ensimlinks.com. A good review and description of their service can be found in this site applications.cpanel.net.

rackAID: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

rackAID has become quite reputable both on and off the internet for its quality products and services over the years. Even if they are not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, the company is still renowned and has gotten a lot of media exposure. It has appeared in TV networks such as My9TV, has been featured in newspapers such as the USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times.

rackAID: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

rackAID is an online business company, so this company relies greatly on bringing traffic to its website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #95,807 globally, and #77,038 in the United States. Google Page Rank gave this site 5 out of 10 (with 10 being the highest). So it’s clear that rackAID is pretty popular and checked by peoples all over the world regularly.

rackAID: Social Media Presence

rackAID’s  official website is very informative and regularly updated. rackAID doesnot have lively appearance in social media like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter etc.

rackAID’s facebook account is updated regularly, and has lots of features. As of January 11, 2013, their FaceBook page has a total of 163 likes.

As of January 11, 2013 rackAID’s Twitter account has 130 followers. This account is regularly updated with news and feature regarding their services.

rackAID: Website Security & Safety

Upon running a Google  diagnostic test on rackAID’s official website, it is found that the site is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days. Suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days. It is said to be safe for browsing. rackAID also uses a secure connection (https://) upon taking your personal and billing information when buying directly from their website.

rackAID: Pricing & Packages

They provide free consultations, and prices are tailered to fit your needs. rackAID believe the daily management of online operations should be easy, predictable and reliable. Their clients realize this mission every day with jargon-free, reliable support services. rackAID’s services are available when you need them. They offer hourly support, turnkey server management, and everything in-between. The level and scope of their assistance is entirely up to you. They offer hourly support services M-F 9 AM-5 PM ET while our cPanel support subscriptions provide proactive support around the clock. Their service includes Managed Hosting, Management, Monitoring, Backup and Recovery, Security, and Support for Linux systems.

rackAID: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no need for shipping in rackAID as they deal with professionals or through internet.

rackAID: Payment Methods Accepted

rackAID does not offer a lot of payment methods. You  have the option of choosing credit card as your payment method. When paying via credit card, they  accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express, all the major credit cards they also accept PayPal. You are ensured that all of your information is safe with them.

rackAID: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

By delivering consistent, reliable support, rackAID give their clients the time and confidence they need to run their businesses. As a rackAID client, you can focus on making your business a success while leaving the technical services to them. rackAID will do everything for the betterment of your business. But if you are not happy or satisfied with their service you can contact them. Then they will change their strategy and will follow different technique.

rackAID: Product images & screenshots
rackAID Coupons
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